Petite Crescent Moon Ring


The little sister to our impressive and popular Crescent Moon Pearl Ring. This ring is special, and although we love all of our pearl jewellery, this one is the rarest of the rare. The pearl featured in this ring is not a cultured pearl but a Keshi Pearl. 

These are very unique pearls that can be hard to describe. They come in unique shapes and sizes but they are not baroque pearls. Sometimes they look a bit flat, other times a bit fat and otherwise they can have an almost wavy like surface texture.
They only occur by chance when a grain of sand or small rock is lodged inside the oyster, usually creating the unusual shapes of Keshi.But once in a lifetime these oysters will produce a marvel of nature, perfect smooth and glossy pearls. The highest sought after of all. 

This ring is truly special and we know that when you see this on your finger, you'll be as mesmerised as we are. 


Petite Crescent Moon Ring

Hand crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold Diamonds: 8 = 0.09ct Round Brilliant Cut white diamonds D-F colour Si clarityPearl: 9mm Keshi Button Pearl A++ grade WP++

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