Xylem Diamond Ring

Rough-cut, and wildly flawed, Earth diamonds... also known as 'Salt and Pepper Diamonds' are completely unique to one another. Faceted in a rose cut, which is completely flat underneath with the facets on top. Each stone is unique with different characteristics, some with translucency, others more opaque. Most feature a distinctive salt and pepper matrix and are as they appear when first discovered in the Earth.

Crafted in 18ct yellow gold ring featuring a pear shape Earth Diamond of a sage green colour, surrounded by a halo of tapering round diamonds, tipped with marquise and a pear cut diamonds, all microclaw set.

Xylem Diamond Ring

Crafted in 18ct yellow gold.

1 = 1.65ct Rose Cut Pear shape salt and pepper diamond, sage green hue

18 = 0.33ct white diamonds, round brilliant cut, pear cut and marquise cut. D-F colour VS-Si clarity

Complimentary resizing is available.

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