About Us

The finest materials on earth demand a delicate eye for detail and a tendency towards perfectionism. These traits are precisely what Jodi Penfold and her dynamic team at Jewels of the Kimberley bring to the table.

When you have spent your entire working career honing your craft, the result is a stunning range of jewellery designs that are:

A Unique Retail Experience

At Jewels of the Kimberley we provide not just a retail store but also an entire shopping experience. I believe in offering a client the best possible service, which is by my definition, “being helpful and assisting a client to find and fall in love with exactly what they want”. If this is executed successfully, the client will leave our studio or website happy, unpressured, well informed, willing to return and very importantly, willing to recommend Jewels of the Kimberley to others.

At Jewels of the Kimberley we don’t just sell; we style individuals and assist them to find what they love and what suits them; their personality, lifestyle and stage in life. This may not always be the most expensive piece; rather it should be the piece that best suits the individual. My belief is if you can offer a wide range of products and services, your customer will always be able to find something they love.

A recent and important part of our journey has been to build and expand our online presence; offering an online studio where our valued clients can continue to receive our outstanding products and customer service no matter where they are in the world. We aim to bring a wonderful shopping experience to our online customers by offering the very same pieces we provide in our physical studio. As always, our clients can be satisfied they are receiving beautiful, unique and contemporary jewellery of the highest quality.

An Internationally Acclaimed and Dynamic Team

Jewels of the Kimberley has been successfully growing year after year and has developed and nurtured a young, dynamic team which continues to push the boundaries and strive for further greatness. Our collective ambition, talent and energy is what preserves our success, and the multi-faceted approach of having the whole team involved has proven to be effective time and time again.

From Small Beginnings

Jewels of the Kimberley originally occupied a small premises in upper Dampier Terrace from which I had traded for six years. My business has successfully grown year after year, but has not been without difficulty due largely to my previous location being slightly ‘out of the way’. I strongly felt that in order for my business to continue its success I needed to reposition myself in a more approachable location with additional showroom space, so I secured a long term lease at 20 Dampier Terrace in the heart of Broome’s ‘Pearlers Row’.

Our new, larger studio opened in March 2011, and presents a modern, yet also open, warm and welcoming feel. State-of-the-art lighting allows each jewellery item to exhibit its full potential. Potted plants and bonsai maintain a calming environment, and a personal sit down area keeps family and friends comfortable on extended shopping experiences.

We have also developed our online showroom recently to extend our renowned customer experience. Our clients can now enjoy the same choice and convenience of shopping with us in person, from wherever they happen to be.

My unique and exclusive designs have helped me to build a strong reputation in the local market and amongst the retail traders of Broome. I have also successfully established my business amongst national and international markets due to Australia-wide exhibitions held both permanently and regularly, right across the country. For example, my jewellery is permanently exhibited at Perth’s Aspects of Kings Park, which only stocks work from contemporary artists whose pieces reflect the natural beauty of Australia using local materials.

It is in my belief that Jewels of the Kimberley will continue to ‘shoot for the stars’ – and hopefully be adorned by them on the red carpet.