Akhet Diamond Earrings


Akhet is an Egyptian hieroglyph that represents the sun rising over a mountain. It is translated as "horizon" or "the place in the sky where the sun rises". Inspired by this meaning and watching sun rise one morning here in Broome, the Ahket earrings were designed. 

These earrings are very special for a number of reasons. The completely unique one of a kind earth diamond sitting prominently in the centre of the design. Earth diamonds are incredible because that salt and pepper effect means there is a depth and mystery as you gaze into the diamonds.

The white gold halo is completely removable which means you get two looks from the one design. It can be removed or it can sit above or below the earth diamond - special right? With the use of negative space in the Ahket earrings it makes them an impressive size that are easy to wear without the weight or bulk. Take the sunshine wherever you go with Ahket. 


Akhet Diamond Earrings

Crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold

Pair Earth Diamonds 2 = 0.77ct Rose Cut Round Salt and Pepper Dark Grey Matrix

White Diamonds 48 = 0.48ct RBC D-F colour Si clarity