Billie Lab Diamond Ring


Billie is the epitome of class and tradition with this 1.21ct emerald cut lab diamond ring.

This lab grown diamond engagement ring meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The diamond, meticulously cut and polished showcases extraordinary clarity, color, and carat weight, ensuring a breathtaking display of brilliance on your finger.

Beyond its extraordinary beauty and eco-friendly origins, this engagement ring holds deep emotional significance. It represents the eternal bond between you and your partner, a promise of a lifetime filled with love, respect, and shared values. Made in Australia in our Broome studio, this ring has been completely handmade with the highest quality skills, gold and platinum. The emerald cut diamond sits tall, commanding the attention she deserves.

Choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring is a statement of love and responsibility. It embodies the belief that true beauty can coexist with ethical practices.

Join us in embracing sustainable luxury and embark on a journey that sparkles with compassion, integrity, and lasting love.


Billie Lab Diamond Ring

Handcrafted in 18ct Yellow gold and Platinum

Diamond: Lab Grown Diamond - 1.21ct Emerald Cut D colour VS1 Clarity, IGI Certified and Laser Inscribed