Charley Lab Diamond Ring


You and your partner can celebrate your love with a lab grown diamond engagement ring!

These stunning gems are created in a controlled environment, mirroring the natural process that occurs deep within the Earth. Not only are they ethically and environmentally friendly, but they also possess the same brilliance, clarity, and durability as mined diamonds. It's a win-win situation!

The old tradition of an engagement ring, needing to cost 3 months of your salary is out. It's just not true anymore, especially with the beauty of lab grown diamonds.

Enjoy the brilliance of this 1.53ct oval lab grown diamond two tone engagement ring, which features a solid 18ct yellow gold band and platinum claw set. The Australian made ring has been set meticulously so that the large diamond appears to be floating which provides more impact and allows the oval diamond to appear larger and sparkle more vibrantly.

We can give you the distinctive quality of true hand made jewellery, usually reserved for only the most expensive of pieces, in our stunning engagement ring collection.


Charley Lab Diamond Ring

Handcrafted in 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum
Diamonds: Lab Grown Diamond - 1.53ct Oval Brilliant Cut F colour VS1 Clarity, IGI Certified and Laser Inscribed