Evangeline Pink Diamond Ring


This is a ring that tells the story of ...

A forever, kind of love. 

A let's grow old together, kind of love. 

A let's cherish every moment, kind of love. 

You don't want to blend in when you are wearing this magical ring, you want the world to know that you are in love. With a double halo design, the magnificent centre diamond is a Premium Pink 3PP Argyle diamond that progresses into a gradual colour change like a ripple in water, with 11 perfectly pastel pink diamonds.

Incredibly rare, and an absolute investment that you'll hand down to your daughter, and her daughter, and her daughter after that. It's an heirloom with a history of Australian diamonds.  


Evangeline Pink Diamond Ring

Hand crafted in 18ct White Gold 
1 = 0.14ct Argyle Pink Diamond, Round Brilliant Cut, 3PP Colour, P1 Clarity Argyle Certified, Laser Inscribed
11 = 0.08ct Argyle Pink Diamonds, Round Brilliant Cut, 6-7P/PP colour Si clarity 
34 = 0.62ct Round Brilliant Cut white diamonds D- F colour Si clarity