Gaia Neckpiece


Inspired by the Earth goddess herself, Gaia, this stunning necklace from our NUtopia collection embodies the essence of natural beauty and connection. Crafted entirely in 18ct yellow gold, the Gaia Neckpiece features an organic-shaped pendant with captivating champagne and white diamonds.

The textured gold showcases ripples reminiscent of tidal sands, evoking the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean's embrace. Each ripple tells a story of the Earth's ever-changing landscape, a testament to the passage of time and the power of nature's forces.

The pendant is beautifully suspended on a modern heavy open paper link chain, adding a contemporary touch to this timeless piece. Harmonising with the earrings and ring from our NUtopia collection, the Gaia necklace is designed to inspire awe and admiration wherever you go. Wear it as a symbol of natural beauty and your connection to the Earth's essence.


Gaia Neckpiece

Crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold

2 = 0.24ct Round Brilliant Cut champagne diamonds C4-C6 Si clarity
7 = 0.10ct Round Brilliant Cut white diamond D-F colour Si clarity

Chain: Paperlink 11 x 4.5mm, 50cm in length.

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