Kiara Lab Diamond Ring


Picture this, you've met the man of your dreams and you've built a wonderful life together.

He takes you out on a date, and after dinner, he gets down on one knee. Opening the small box in his hands is the most beautiful, traditionally designed ring you've ever seen.

As tears fill your eyes, he pops Kiara on your finger and there she is a dazzling 1.37ct lab grown diamond sitting tall and proud.

You love the combination of a gold band and platinum claw setting. You know that this Australian made and handcrafted ring will never leave your hand. When we talk about traditional engagement rings, Kiara is what we picture.

Forever in style for a forever kind of love.


Kiara Lab Diamond Ring

Handcrafted in Platinum on an 18ct Yellow Gold band.

Lab Grown Diamond - 1.37ct Round Brilliant Cut F colour VS1 Clarity, IGI Certified and Laser Inscribed: LG563212294