Mezze Pebble Drop Earrings


Discover the mesmerising allure of the Pebble Drop Earrings, inspired by the majestic King George Falls in Western Australia. Like the cascading waters of the King George River, these earrings embody a natural elegance and breathtaking beauty.

Crafted with precision and care, the Mezze Pebble Drop Earrings showcase an array of ochre-coloured diamonds set in exquisite 18ct gold. Each earring captures the essence of the rugged rock formations, evoking a sense of raw beauty and timeless charm.

Enhancing the organic appeal, black rhodium accentuates the 'pebble' effect, adding depth and texture to the design. With their blend of sophistication and nature-inspired artistry, these earrings make a striking statement of style and grace.

Pair them with the matching Mezze Pebble Pendant and Grande Pebble Ring to complete your ensemble, and embrace the natural wonders of the Kimberley region in every elegant detail.


Mezze Pebble Drop Earrings

Hand crafted in 18ct yellow gold

2 = 0.11ct round brilliant cut orange dimaond Si clarity
2 = 0.11ct round brilliant cut champagne diamond C6 colour Si clarity
8 = 0.13ct round brilliant cut white diamonds D-F colour Si clarity
TDW = 0.35ct

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