Desert Rose Pink Diamond Ring


An Argyle pink diamond set perfectly central among a bed of white diamonds, almost like the heart of a flower in this unique setting. Many gardens in the Kimberley region feature the 'desert rose' plant, loved for their exotic and hardy nature as well as bright pink flowering abundantly.

Handcrafted in 18ct white gold, this ring is one of a kind, designed to showcase this particular 3PP pink diamond. As the famous Argyle diamond mine is now closed, home to over 95% of the worlds pink diamonds, this ring is as precious and unique as it is rare. 


Desert Rose Pink Diamond Ring

Crafted in 18ct white gold.
1 = 0.043ct round brilliant cut Argyle pink diamond 3PP colour Si clarity, complete with Argyle Lot No 350335
8 = 0.37ct round brilliant cut white diamonds D-F colour Si clarity

Complimentary resizing available.