Silhouette Pink Diamond Pendant


Sitting around your neck could be two treasures the Kimberley is famous for… an Argyle pink diamond and a beautiful Broome South Sea Pearl. As pink diamonds from Argyle become increasingly rare, getting your hands on a pendant featuring a 5PP in colour will mean this is a piece you will treasure forever.  

It doesn’t stop there though, with natural curves of white gold inspired by the flow of waterfalls throughout the Kimberley a mesmerising pendant is born. 

Jodi has meticulously created this pendant, so that the pearl and diamond appear to be floating amongst the undulating metal.

A truly special piece that can be worn long or short, you’ll adore it always.

All chains sold separately


Silhouette Pink Diamond Pendant

Crafted in Platinum.

Argyle Pink Diamond 0.07ct Round Brilliant Cut 5PP Si Clarity Argyle Lot No 355003

Pearl: 10mm Round A grade WP