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Meet The Ascella Pendant

As we move into the Marrul season, our skies are clear and the stars are bright. A hypnotic pale yellow diamond creates a soft glow in the Ascella Pendant reminiscent of a full moon.

The design of the Ascella Pendant is timeless, allowing it to be worn forever and handed down throughout the generations.

This design forms part of our limited edition collection - Eclipse.

Keep reading below to see some of our design and production process below…

Ascella Diamond Pendant

Preparation Phase

Forming the components needed for each element in this design. Note the different profiles of the arcs. Round for a touch of shine and a square profile ready for some diamonds.

These components are formed using a variety of hardened steel forging tools. Hammered, drawn, swaged and hammered some more.

Bringing It Together

Each component is soldered to the next until all parts are assembled. Extra care is taken soldering the bail on top to keep its articulation and not accidentally fuse it to the rest of the pendant!

Time To Sparkle

A few tricks of the trade are at play here. Jodi cuts a piece of hard wood (Oak is ideal) and carves into it a little to “nest” the piece. It’s secured in place with good old fashioned superglue. This allows Jodi to drill, seat, cut and set the diamonds while securely holding the pendant and not damaging it with clamping tools.

She’s Something Special

Yellow diamonds can vary from pastel sherbet to deep golden hues. My personal favourite is seen here. A lovely pastel tone, warm and summery. Ascella epitomises all things golden.