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Ring Sizing Guides


At Jewels of the Kimberley we want your new ring to fit beautifully. That’s why we provide our ring sizing guide to help you find the perfect dimensions for your pearl or diamond ring. If you have access to an existing ring that fits the appropriate finger, simply print a copy of our ring sizing guide then hold the ring against the guide’s various circles until you find one that matches the ring’s inside diameter. If the ring lies somewhere between two sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size as this will be easier to resize if necessary. All you have to do is include this ring size in your order and we’ll do the rest. Easy

download the ring sizing guide

Please note: It’s important that the sizing guide prints at the correct size, so please check the scale using the test section on the guide. If the scale test is incorrect, your printer settings may require some adjustment.


If you’re ordering a beautiful diamond or pearl engagement ring for someone else, we know it may be difficult to measure one of their current rings without ruining your wonderful surprise. If you can send us a photo of your loved one, our jewellers can estimate the right size for them and create the design to suit. We’ll even resize it for free if we get it wrong, so it’s a simple and risk-free way to delight that special person.


As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we’re delighted to offer a complimentary ring resize (up to 3 sizes) within 90 days of your order to ensure your new piece suits you perfectly. Any Jewels of the Kimberley ring that requires resizing can be brought back into our studio or sent via post using our returns process. We aim to have ring resize requests completed within two to three business days so you won’t be without your beautiful new ring for long.